What is the Verdi Cycle?

 “One of the most significant achievements in the opera world.”
John Fleming, Tampa Bay Times

In 1989, Sarasota Opera began The Verdi Cycle: a unique undertaking to perform the complete works of Giuseppe Verdi.

The Verdi Cycle covers not only all the operas (including alternate versions), but also Verdi’s impressive body of non-operatic music. The completion of the Cycle in March 2016 will make Sarasota Opera the only company in the world to have performed every note of music Verdi wrote!

Sarasota Opera is proud to announce its plans for the 2015-2016 Verdi Cycle Grand Finale Season, featuring the final two installments of the Verdi Cycle – The Battle of Legnano and Aida – in a grand spectacle of music, vocal prowess, awe-inspiring choruses, sumptuous scenery, and luxurious costumes.

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