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I masnadieri


2006 Sarasota Opera Production

February 25, 28, March 2, 5m, 8, 11, 18m


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Tragic Opera In Four Acts, Sung In Italian
Poetry By Andrea Maffei
Based On The Play Die Räuber By Friedrich Schiller



Victor DeRenzi

Stage Director

Martha Collins

Scenic Designer

Troy Hourie

Costume Designer

Howard Tsvi Kaplan

Lighting Designer

James Leitner

Wigs And Make-Up Designer

Georgianna Eberhard

Chorus Master

Roger L. Bingaman

Assistant Conductors

Lisa Hasson, Richard Cordova

Surtitle Supplier

Words For Music

Surtitle Translator

Victor DeRenzi


New Production Created By Sarasota Opera





Amalia, an orphan niece of the Count

Asako Tamura


Massimiliano, the Count Moor, regent

Young-Bok Kim

Carlo, Massimiliano's son

Todd Geer

Francesco, Massimiliano's son

Michael Corvino

Arminio, chamberlain to the family of the regent

Chad A. Johnson

Moser, a pastor

Mark Freiman

Rolla, Carlo's companion

Andrew Bidlack*


* Studio Artist


Sarasota Opera Orchestra
Chorus: Sarasota Opera Apprentices






“DeRenzi led his orchestral and vocal forces with the brilliance we’ve come to expect.”
—June LeBell, The Observer


“An impassioned, robust reading of one of the composer’s lesser-known works. Is there a better Verdi conductor in the country than Victor DeRenzi? That’s unlikely. His tautly focused direction, lyric lilt and rhythmic subtlety offer an annual seminar in Verdi conducting.”
—Lawrence A. Johnson, Sun-Sentinel


“A rousing new production.”
—Christine Gransier, L’Opera (Italy)


(Photos: Deb Hesser / Sarasota Opera)


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