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Why I Love Verdi



Victor DeRenzi

How I Came to Love Verdi and Why I Still Love Verdi


I first heard Verdi’s music listening to Caruso and Scotti sing a duet from La forza del destino on my grandparents wind-up Victrola.


When I was 12 years old I saw my first opera, it too was La forza del destino. I went with some...


Francesco Izzo

Then Came Verdi . . .


I have loved classical music for as long as I can remember. My childhood was filled with the wonderful recordings my mother played at home, and I was taken...



Eugene Kohn

In Its Own Category of Genius 


Opera has the power to transport its listeners into another world. All of us who love the art form (that probably includes most of you reading these pages) have experienced...



George W. Martin

Why Verdi?


Why do I like Verdi? Because his operas, all of them, are about people, human beings.


Dragons, pits of fire, mythical gods and Mephistopheles are all good fun, and I watch and listen...



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