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Scholarly Research and Partnerships


In compiling the most accurate list of Verdi’s works, both operatic and non-operatic, Sarasota Opera’s Artistic Director Victor DeRenzi has consulted and continues to meet with noted scholars, authors, and musicologists who each specialize in different aspects of the life and music of Giuseppe Verdi


These scholars include:


Andreas Giger
Associate professor of musicology, Louisiana State University


Dr. Candida Mantica
University of Southampton


Dr. David Lawton
Professor of Opera Studies, Music History and Theory, Stony Brook University


Dino Rizzo

Publicist and researcher, Carrara of Bergamo Publishing House


Dr. Francesco Izzo
Sarasota Opera Scholar-in-Residence; Co-Director of the American Institute of Verdi Studies 


Dr. Linda Fairtile
Musicologist; Co-Director of the American Institute of Verdi Studies


Marta Tonegutti

The University of Chicago Press


Dr. Martin Chusid (deceased)
Professor of Music and Director of American Institute of Verdi Studies, New York University


Dr. Philip Gossett
Emeritus Professor of Music, University of Chicago


Pierluigi Petrobelli (deceased)

Professor of Music History, University of Rome “La Sapienza”; Director of the National Institute of Verdi Studies




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