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I Was Part of the Verdi Cycle


Joe Berner


How was I a part of the Verdi Cycle?


I was a retired ad man and frustrated golfer when my wife Sheila suggested that I try out as a super at Sarasota Opera, in response to its radio appeal. I did. And Greg Trupiano told me when to report for rehearsal. I thought, getting into Opera is pretty easy.


The opera I appeared in was Aroldo (1990).  I had never heard of it. My role required that I hand a goblet of wine to Aroldo. I performed brilliantly and I was smitten forever.


After the season I volunteered to help the company in any way I could. I was put in charge of the annual program book. I became a board member. I served three years as chairman. Then I retired again.


Those years were like an exciting second career, unpaid of course, except for the many wonderful friends we made and our enduring friendship with Victor and Stephanie. We hope to return to Sarasota for the final performance of the Verdi Cycle. Thank you Victor for your vision and your dedication.


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