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La forza del destino

(Original Version)


1996 Sarasota Opera Production
March 22 and 26


Melodramma In Four Acts, Sung In Italian
Poetry By Francesco Maria Piave
Based On The Play “Don Alvaro, O La Fuerza Del Sino

 by Ángel Pérez De Saavedra, Duke Of Rivas

The first professional production

of this opera since 1870


Victor DeRenzi

Stage Director

Michael Scarola

Scenic Designer

David P. Gordon

Costume Designer

Helen E. Rodgers

Lighting Designer

Joseph Oshry

Wigs And Make-Up Designers

Elsen Associates

Chorus Preparation

Elizabeth Hastings

Assistant Conductor

Elaine Rinaldi


Sabirjan Yapparov

Fight Choreographer

Jeff A.R. Jones

Opera Titles

Aria Productions

Surtitle Translation

Ray Chesin And Michael Scarola


New Production Created By Sarasota Opera





The Marquis of Calatrava

 James Wood


Donna Leonora, his daughter

Tamara Wright


Don Carlo di Vargas, his son

Lawrence Alexander


Don Alvaro

Robin Reed


Preziosilla, a young Gypsy

Lorraine Disimone


Padre Guardiano, a Franciscan monk

Matthew Lau


Fra Melitone, a Franciscan lay brother

Stephen Eisenhard


Curra, Leonora's maid

Elizabeth Shammash*


An Alcade

Joel Jameson**


Trabuco, a muleteer

Michael Hendrick


A Surgeon

Christopher Roselli**



* Apprentice Artist
**Studio Artist


Sarasota Opera Orchestra
Chorus: Sarasota Opera Apprentice and Studio Artists





“The Sarasota production, the first U.S. professional mounting of the original La forza del destino, was well sung and well conducted by Victor DeRenzi … Bravos to Sarasota Opera’s Forza troupe for the hard work and intelligence they brought to learning and singing two versions of this opera.”
—Joseph Kerman, Opera News


(Photos: Sarasota Opera)


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