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Luisa Miller


1999 Sarasota Opera Production

March 6, 9, 11, 14m, 17, 20, 28m


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Melodramma Tragico In Three Acts, Sung In Italian
Poetry By Salvadore Cammarano
Based On The Play Kabale und Liebe By Friedrich Von Schiller


Victor DeRenzi

Stage Director

Gregory Keller

Scenic Designer

David P. Gordon

Costume Designer

Howard Tsvi Kaplan

Lighting Designer

Barry Steele

Wigs And Make-Up Designer

Elsen Associates

Chorus Preparation

Roger L. Bingaman

Assistant Conductor

John Di Costanzo

Surtitles Provided By

Words For Music

Surtitle Translator

Victor DeRenzi


New Production Created By Sarasota Opera




The Count Of Walter

Craig Hart


Philip Webb

Federica, Duchess of Ostheim

Melina Pyron


Stephan Kirchgraber


David Templeton

Luisa, his daughter

Suzanne Balaes


Stacey Wheeler*

A Peasant

Daniel Cafiero*


* Studio Artist


Sarasota Opera Orchestra
Chorus: Sarasota Opera Apprentices






“Luisa Miller will continue to deserve revival in presentations like Sarasota’s, with its honest, coherent direction by Gregory Keller, its wise, sympathetic musical direction by Victor DeRenzi and the work of a talented, youthful cast of singers.”
—C.J. Luten, Opera Magazine


“Sarasota Opera’s production of this early Verdi work is splendid in both its vocal and orchestral performances.”
—Florence Fisher, Sarasota Herald Tribune


“Sarasota Opera presents stunning production of Verdi’s Luisa Miller.”
—Kenneth Blount, Gondolier Review


(Photos: Sarasota Opera


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