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Oberto, conte di San Bonifacio


2001 Sarasota Opera Production

March 10, 13, 15, 18m, 21, 25, 31m


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Drama In Two Acts, Sung In Italian
Poetry By Temistocle Solera And Antonio Piazza


Victor DeRenzi

Stage Director

Dale Morehouse

Scenic Designer

John Farrell

Costume Designer

Howard Tsvi Kaplan

Lighting Designer

Jeff Davis

Wigs And Make-Up Designer

Elsen Associates

Chorus Master

Roger L. Bingaman

Assistant Conductor

John Di Costanzo

Surtitle Supplier

Words For Music

Surtitle Translator

Victor DeRenzi


New Production Created By Sarasota Opera




Cuniza, Ezzelino da Romano's sister

Maria Karpatova


Riccardo, Count of Salinguerra

Roy Cornelius Smith


Oberto, Count of San Bonifacio

Kevin Short

Leonora, his daughter

Rosa Baker

Imelda, Cuniza's confidente

Halina Avery*


* Studio Artist

Sarasota Opera Orchestra
Chorus: Sarasota Opera Apprentice Artists






“Early Verdi operas are not the greatest, but they offer insight into the mind of the young composer, and Sarasota artistic director Victor DeRenzi should be commended for presenting them … The conductor knows his Verdi and led a better performance than is heard some nights on the world’s major stages.”
—The New York Times


“This polished performance reveals the remarkable maturity of its young composer and the finesse which has been bred into the Sarasota Opera tradition.”
—Norman Seigerman, Pelican Press


“Sarasota Opera’s production of Oberto, conte di San Bonifacio is a refreshingly unapologetic, stand-and-deliver version, giving full measure to its melodic bounty.”
—Richard Storm, Sarasota Herald Tribune


“Victor DeRenzi tradujo la partitura con vigor y claridad de planos … ”
—Roger Steiner, Ópera Actual, Barcelona


“Sarasota Opera constitutes an enterprise well worth a pilgrimage from as far away as Toronto, as I discovered to my surprise recently.”
—William Littler, Toronto Star


(Photos: Sarasota Opera)


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