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Teens for Verdi


Michael G on October 24, 2013 at 12:57 am said:


Verdi has changed the way I view opera. When I first came to the Sarasota Opera I had not realized how much Verdi wrote. I was also unaware of his support for his homeland and how much his country supported him. Before this, I was only exposed to his most popular works. I did not know of his lesser known works. 


Verdi’s music is filled with a wide range of emotions. He also has a wide variety of settings for his operas. His emotions range from anger, hatred, and revenge to love, happiness, and forgiveness. His operas can be set in ancient times to the 1700’s and at any place in the world. He also displays large amounts of pride for his country in his works. Even in his saddest times he writes extraordinarily happy pieces. He shows how people persevere in their moments of darkness. He also shows how people can fall or be punished because of their mistakes in life. Because of the diversity of Verdi’s music I have a greater appreciation for composers and their operas.


—Michael G, 15, Florida, USA


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