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Teens for Verdi


Monica on October 11, 2013 at 2:23 pm said:


The full breadth of Verdi’s impact upon one’s senses and one’s soul can scarcely be honored through the use of words. In his music, Verdi regales us with stories that transcend language and time. He paints pictures with his operatic creations that unite every country. Without understanding an uttered word, one is transported to a pleasant plaza, a carefree party, a busy market, or a breezy afternoon in Venice. Seamlessly, the audience will live the rage of a betrayed son, the despondence of a dishonored father, the icy vengeance of a mad queen, and the helplessness of a doomed lover. Jealousy, disease, desire, passion, and anger all manifest themselves in his works. Verdi does more than just capture a mere story; Verdi captures life. 


—Monica, 16, Florida, USA


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